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First Post Here - Papillary Thyroid Cancer - Frustrated

Just wanted to say hello - was recently diagnosed w/papillary thyroid cancer. I'm Post Op of a total thyroidectomy by 9 days. What now? I have follow-up appts next week but honestly, I feel like none of my healthcare providers are giving me ANY info what-so-ever. So far I've seen the endocrine twice prior to surgery, my surgeon twice and THAT'S IT. When I ask questions or call with extremely high blood pressures, etc, they all pass me on to someone else. It's extremely frustrating and I feel like I'm getting no where.

I'm not even sure as to what questions I SHOULD be asking. Any ideas or suggestions as to how I can get my docs to take my individual concerns/symptoms seriously? Anyone else exasperated with how they have been treated by their MDs?? Argh, their arrogance is killing meeeee!!!
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