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Hi, I'm new.

I was diagnosed this afternoon (about 5 hours ago, actually) with early papillary thyroid cancer. I'm young (22) and they caught it early, so everything should be alright...right?
I just moved, so it was my old doctor calling me. He is going to find someone where I am now and give me their name. He has recommended a full excision of the thyroid followed by radioiodine. Can anyone recommend someone good in the Albany NY area?
I'm reassured by the success rate he gave (99%), but I'm still nervous. I just moved to a new place where I don't know anyone and I get this!
I'm also worried because I moved here for graduate school, and I'm supposed to start my summer job on campus tomorrow. How/when do I tell them this? Obviously they need to know (as the surgery will take place, hopefully, in the next two or three months). "Hi, I'm [name] and I'm here to start work; by the way I just got diagnosed with cancer" sounds kinda stupid.
Any advice for a nervous and lonely person?
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