la_bellisima33 (la_bellisima33) wrote in thyca,

dosage and weightloss

Over the last 3 months I’ve joined Weight Watchers and lost almost 35lbs so far.  I am still very overweight (240lbs), but the weight is coming off steadily at 1-3lbs a week, and I’m starting to wonder about my medication dosage.  I haven’t had bloodwork since October, and am not scheduled to have it again until August (my doctor’s office has major scheduling issues).  I could potentially lose another ~20lbs by then…should I be worried that my dosage of levothyroxine is getting too high since my body mass is lower?  I’ve got a history of thyroid cancer, so I’m intentionally kept a little hyper….could the weightloss push me over the edge? 


I’m not noticing any symptoms, but it has me wondering just the same.  Should I just assume it’s okay unless I start noticing some symptoms?  Thanks for any advice!

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