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I was curious, for those of you who have had thyroid cancer, what sort of experiences have you had with employeers? I'm currently interviewing for a lot of jobs (I'm graudation college a week from today) and I do not plan for it to ever come up in the interviewing process, but, I assume that eventually it would, possibly during discussion of health benefit coverage. Have you guys have been treated differently once employeers/co-workers have found out? I'm usually pretty open about having had / still struggling with completely riding myelf of thyroid cancer. I'm not going to say it identifies who I am as a person, but I am definitely a different person than before I was diagnosed at 17. It has definitely changed me for the better, and I'm not usually reluctant to share it with those close to me.

Also, I've heard small businesses are usually not known for their steller health benefits, but I'm currently interviewing with two rather small companies. I think it would be a shame to turn them down if offered the job, because I'm very interested in working with both companies. I know health care fields are usually the best in terms of coverage, but my career goals don't really have any relations to healthcare. Are there any health insurance co. anyone has dealt with that you thought was perticularly good? I realize that's sort of an oxymoron...but I'm looking for the lesser of evils.

Any other pointers?
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