Sophie (sophiedb) wrote in thyca,

RAI video

The following video was posted by someone from the Thyroid Cancer Support UK Yahoo! group - basically a collage of her RAI experience at Bristol Hospital.

I have to admit that I found it quite depressing, as my RAI is coming up next month and I get stir-crazy quite easily. It must be done though, obviously :)

As for me, my thyroid and various lymph on the right hand side of my neck were removed just before Christmas (thankfully I came home a few days before the holidays). I'm on T3, calcium and iron, but the last at least can stop fom today *woohoo* Hopefully my parathyroids have kicked back in too, should find out in a day or so.

The docs are considering external beam therapy in addition to RAI, but holding off until the first post-RAI scan due to potential problems - apparently it can increase the risk of secondary cancers, particularly in "younger" (I'm 30) patients. We're also in the process of switching our 6 month old daughter from breast to bottle, to reduce the likelihood of the secretory tissue in m'boob soaking up some radioactivity and causing breast cancer *meh*
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