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A bit of history before I get to my question:  I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with thyroid cancer and hyperparathyroidism.  Two surgeries and some radiation later and I’m without my thyroid gland, and down 2 (of 4) parathyroid glands as well.  Since then I’ve been taking levothyroxine, always hovering around a dosage of .137mg and a TSH ~0.1.


So, that brings me to the present.  I stopped taking hormonal birth control (HBC) about 5 months ago and my TSH hasn’t recovered.  It shot up to 10.5 so I increased my levo dosage twice and my TSH only moved down to 4.5.  I’m sure I’ll be increasing the dosage again, but does this sound backwards to anyone?  I thought that going off the HBC would lessen my medication requirements, not increase them?  All my other levels are fine, good even; it’s just the darn TSH.  Anyone else had this problem with going off HBC?  Could there be any other cause for the stubborn increase in TSH?

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