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Updare, anyone from Texas?

Went to my endo today. I had my thyroid hormone dose raised up some. They're trying to keep me at the verge of hyper without actually hitting that stage. So 188mcg for me.

I have an ultrasound December 18th. Then possibly a biopsy on my submandibular gland.
If it's cancerous they're going to remove it before my next dose of Radioactive iodine.
My doctor is worried if my submandibular gland is cancerous it will take the RAI they want to send to my lungs.
So I figured out where my submandibular gland is at least. l I asked my doctor and he told me.

I actually do have a question for anyone in Texas. Are there good enods who know about thyroid cancer, specifically stuff that's already spread pretty far?
My old doctor here was terrified and sent me to my current doctor.
I may end up having to move to Autsin and I want to know the history of their better doctors while I can.

The hardest part will be finding someone to take me on Medicaid. My last insurance found an excuse to drop me.

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