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False positive FNA? x-posted

Has anyone ever had a false positive FNA? I got told that doing an FNA without ultrasound when my entire thyroid was inflamed from Hashimoto's was a bad idea because Hashi's can look like cancer when it isn't, and then the FNA came back as cancerous, but when I asked the doctor how they could tell it was cancer and not the Hashimoto's, he seemed irritated and didn't really answer me.
I assume I really have thyroid cancer, but it seems like the only false positives are when you have Hashimoto's, and I'm about to get my entire thyroid removed, so I really could not be certain enough at this point - if they take the whole thing out and they were wrong, I'm going to be really really unhappy, because I know FNAs aren't 100% accurate to begin with, and Hashimoto's clearly complicates things, but no one will let me ask questions and I need the answers. I don't want my whole thyroid removed unless there's a really good reason (I have one well-differentiated tumor on one lobe), and I want to decline the RAI if I can justify it (from what I've read it reduces recurrences but not survival, somehow, and I'm not a fan of having something *inside* me that makes me a danger to anyone I stand too close to for too long).
Has anyone had an FNA repeated ever?
I'm so freaked out about this surgery and I need to have it really really soon, and I am not coping very well at this point. I understand the logic, people online keep telling me my thyroid is "diseased" etc, and that's fine, but since going on Synthroid I have felt consistently worse and worse and worse, and if this is what I have to look forward to forever, it is not worth it. I'll try to get someone who will give me Cytomel or get Armour or something from Canada if I have to, and ideally that will help me, but right now, I don't even have enough time before my surgery to try anything else and find out whether it will help, and my endocrinologist didn't seem concerned at all that I was feeling horrible.
Also I forgot to tell him about the major hypoglycemia symptoms I've been having, because I pretty much just stopped eating stuff that was sugar unless I was careful to have a lot of protein with it, and that mostly helped, but it's a big problem if I want to just be able to not think about what I'm eating every minute.
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